December 8, 2011

The xx - XX

I work for a company that packages CDs. I stand in one spot and put thousands of CDs in thousands of CD cases for eight to ten hours a day. It's really more exciting than I'm making it sound. We mostly package computer games and audio books, but every once in awhile an album will come through. And so far every album that has come through has been a band/artist that I love. I squealed when I opened a box containing Vampire Weekend's Contra album cases. I jumped up and down in delight when the CDs for St. Vincent's album Actor was brought out onto the work floor. And I nearly cried tears of joy when we did an order of Camera Obscura's My Maudlin Career. Ahh!! The most recent album to come through is called XX by a band called the xx. It didn't say the album or band name anywhere on the case and it was on such a small print on the actual CD that I almost missed it. Packaging this particular CD was a HUGE pain. 

That X on the left is cut out on both sides, so when you slid the white booklet in it would get caught every. time. It was ridiculously aggravating! But the pictures inside the booklet and pretty much everything about the album in general was very appealing to me. So when I got off that day I promptly searched them online. I was not prepared for the obsession that would result from looking them up. Their tags on are indie, electronic, post-punk, British, and dance. This combination isn't normally my cup of tea, but this band is truly amazing! There's two that do vocals and their voices mesh so well and compliment each other in a lovely way. I highly suggest giving them a listen if you like sounds and instruments and voices being beautifully layered together creating a magical listening experience. And if you like bass.

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