May 31, 2012

Nikon Fun Touch - The First Roll

My Nikon Fun Touch 6 is my favorite cheap little film camera. I'm actually lying, the Lomo Fisheye is. But the Fun Touch is definitely a close second, and I'm pretty sure I use it a lot more than the Fisheye now! Anyways, here is the first roll I shot with it back in September. These photos are responsible for the instant love I felt for this camera. Also, does anyone know how deep fried kool-aid works? I'm still confused about that...

May 30, 2012

ABCs Of Nature

I found a book at goodwill the other day when looking for books to sacrifice for an invisible bookshelf that is really freaking awesome. I picked it up because it was the exact kind of book I was looking for for the project, but then I realized what it was and I might have peed my pants a little bit from excitement. It was Reader's Digest's ABCs Of Nature! How neat! There was no way I could ruin this book for the project, but I still bought it for my own enjoyment.

It has so much information in it, and it has such nice illustrations in it! This is definitely one of the best things I've come across in a thrift store, and it was completely by accident!

May 25, 2012

Outfit 5.24.12: I Love My Bike

/ Shirt: Target / Skirt: Thrifted / Belt: Ruche / Shoes: Walmart Clearance / Necklace: Vintage /

I love Walmart's clearance rack in their shoe department. LOVE. IT. I've been eyeballing these brown faux suede loafers for a little while now, they've been on clearance forever. I wish I would have waited just a little longer to get them though and maybe I would have gotten them even cheaper, they were marked down to $7 when I bought them. 

Now on to the outfit! Sorry, I just had to confess my love for cheap shoes at Walmart real quick. Anyways, I really love this skirt but I'm an idiot for wearing such a heavy skirt on such a hot day! It sure is a nice skirt to have during the winter though. This necklace (like 89.9% of the jewelry I own) was my grandmothers. My family was cleaning out her house after she died and of course the first thing I went for was the jewelry box. My cousin and I found two of these necklaces that were exactly the same so she has one and I have one :) Now this shirt... I love this shirt so much because I also love my bike so much! She's a beauty! And she has a nice, wide seat and she's a gorgeous color. I didn't even think about taking pictures with her until right this second, bummer! But you can click here to see what kind of bike I have. That baby was my best friend for awhile. I haven't rode it since I moved to the mountains (I'm terrified to ride it on these hilly, curvy, narrow roads!) and that makes me pretty sad, especially now since the tires are flat and the handle bars are collecting rust. When I lived in Mo though, I rode it all the time! The farthest I went on it was 20 miles (there and back, so 40 all together). I also lost 30 pounds the summer my bike and I were attached at the hip. One day, though, I'm going to fix it up and she'll look brand new and I'll hop on and we'll ride into the sunset and live happily ever after.

May 24, 2012

A Small Coffee Date

My boyfriend, Derek, and I were out taking care of business in downtown one day and we had some extra time to kill so we had a mini coffee date. It was really fun and I fell in love with the Cafe we went to, The Green Sage.

I'm not a coffee drinker myself (I'm a hot chocolate kind of gal!), but luckily Derek likes it enough for the both of us. I say luckily because I love coffee shops and he finally gives me a reason to frequent them now. Anyways, I opted for some strawberry lemonade instead. My taste buds were quite thankful!

The best part of it all though was my honey's silly mood that he was in.

I almost fell off my chair laughing when he started making faces to the people passing by outside. Especially the poor woman on her cell phone, she lingered in front of our window for awhile and not once noticed him giving her ridiculous looks!

May 22, 2012

Lomography Fisheye - Roll 4

I'm really just going to start posting old rolls of film I've developed at random because it's been awhile since I've developed some film. But good news! I have three full rolls waiting patiently to be sent in and I just bought some more! I can fill all my babies up with a fresh roll!

Anyways, here is a roll from a couple summers ago. This is Nostalgia City for me.

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