February 19, 2012

About Me

                                                           My name is
I am a 20 year old nature, vintage, and photography 
enthusiast living in The Land Of The Sky.

I'm in love with...

My boyfriend's name is Derek. He is my first love,

and my best friend. Isn't that beard gorgeous!?

I'm from the heartland. Born and raised in a very small town in Southeast Missouri right on the waters edge of the Mississippi River.

Now, I live on a tiny mountain in Western North Carolina. I love where I live and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life here!

(the view from my bedroom window!!)

My biggest hobbies are drawing, painting, crocheting, and many many other crafty things.


  1. Anonymous26.4.12

    My oh my, this is a very beautiful blog from a very beautiful girl :)

  2. HOW is that the view from your bedroom window?! NO fair.


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