February 20, 2012

Etsy Love

Favorites from this past weekends window shopping.

This coin purse. Actually, every coin purse in gracefulcrafts's shop. They're so perfect down to every little detail.

So hard to pick a favorite!!

These oh so lovely plugs:

I love maps, I have a huge one in my bedroom taking up 90% of the wall.

Crochet related things:

One day, one day I WILL buy this pattern and make this blanket. And a couple hundred more then cover all the furniture and walls and floors in my house with them.

All the hooks in her shop are making me literally droooool. 

And last but not least (drumroll, please?):

This Neutral Milk Hotel skirt by Mariel

I actually found this a long time ago but it obviously deserves recognition. It's too neat!

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