February 16, 2012

Buzzard’s Rock

My best friend Andrew, who lives in Missouri, came to visit me in the mountains for a weekend. I think time might have spontaneously warped into super speed while he was here. It felt like he had to leave as soon as he arrived! We didn't waste a second, though. We had as much fun as we possibly could the short three days he was here. We spent some time country crusin' and we spend some time in the city. He got to meet my boyfriend for the first time, and I finally got to show him all the little diamonds nestled in these mountains that I have found since moving here. One of those being my favorites, Buzzard's Rock. We went at the absolute perfect time of day too. I had been there a few times and had never seen a more gorgeous sight than I did that day.
Exhibit A:

I took the majority of the pictures while he was here with my film cameras and haven't developed them yet so right now there's only one picture of us together from his visit.

Honestly, I laugh pretty hard every time I see this picture. Yes, he really is that tall.

Oh and what I'm sitting on in this picture is the actual rock of Buzzard's Rock. It's purple! How much more awesome did this place become?!

He'll be visiting again in the summer. I can't wait!! He's always been more like a brother to me. Oh, and I failed to mention him and I are telepathically connected, or we have incredibly similar thought patterns, or something like that because we're pretty much the same person I'm just the girl version and he's the boy version. Maybe I'll elaborate more sometime in the future.

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