February 23, 2012

Outfit 2.23.12

(You'll have to excuse my face, I was losing a battle with the sun wanting to blind me)

(Wow are these really that dirty? Haha)

/ Shirt: Walmart / Skirt: Thrifted / Tights: Kmart / Shoes: Dollar General /

What I like about this shirt is that it has so many bright colors in it that any color tights under the sun would be acceptable with this outfit. I'm definitely thinking some yellow ones next time. I did have my cute little yellow pleather purse with me though. Which I forgot about while taking the actual outfit photos, but I managed to find this picture from when I was goofing around in the car..

Purple and yellow together are dreeeeamy. Oh and my nails are done with a nail polish that is purple from one angle and green from another. It's so neat! I love that their never really all purple or all green its always just a mixture of shades of purples and greens and you can never really tell what color they are exactly. They kind of just look silver in the picture.

Also, notice the graffitied wall that I used as my background? Notice me on the wall at one point? I had to climb up my poor mother to get up there. Literally. She bent over and I scaled up the wall by standing on her back. I wish I were joking. Unfortunately I also tore up my tights in the process.

I now have a blanket in my car at all times for situations like this. And a step ladder.

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