March 25, 2012

Picnic On the Lake

Derek and I are enjoying the spring weather every chance we get. Yesterday we had ourselves a little picnic at a little lake in a small town we live near and it was oh so lovely. We watched little ducks swim around and be cute while we ate and enjoyed the sunshine. Then we took a ton of pictures together, while everyone in the (very busy) park had their eyes on us the whole time. A while ago, I would have never been able to handle that many people staring at me. But I've learned very well not to care what other people are doing and if they do watch then let them, because I'm a hardcore people watcher myself and I know people are just curious. I was able to block them all out and while taking pictures I felt like Derek and I were in our own little world. Yesterday has been filed under 'good'.

(His cheesy smile in this one cracks me up)

Also, the necklaces I won in this giveaway finally arrived! I'm wearing one of them in the photos. A post dedicated to them will be coming soon! ps, they're even more gorgeous in person!

1 comment:

  1. How very sweet! The flowering trees are my favorite thing about this time of year. I need to head to the park!


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