April 28, 2012


This is, without a doubt, my greatest find yet. It's the bag. It is just simply the one. It's perfect in every aspect. That's even an understatement. The floral is obviously what caught my eye. Then I noticed the cats, and instantly had a mini seizure.

The amazing vintage print isn't the only mind-blowingly perfect thing about this bag. It also happens to be a Mary Poppins Bag. What does that mean, you ask? If you ask Urban Dictionary it'll tell you that it's "a purse that is tiny, but apprears to hold huge amount of items in it." You know, the kind of bag you can pull full floor lamps out of? Yep, I got myself one right here.

Each individual kitty is absolutely adorable in their own way, too. The kitties in the picture above and the picture below are my two favorites.

I love this purse so much I cuddled it while I slept last night. Just kidding! Maybe...


  1. Wow great find! I love how you can't really tell that theres cats all over until you look closely.

    1. Thank you! I love how unnoticeable they are at first too!


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