April 24, 2012

Flower Pressing

My new obsession is flower (or more like leaf) pressing. You can put any plant in between the pages of a book and it instantly becomes 437 times for gorgeous than it was to begin with. I'm pretty new to flower pressing so I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm just picking and pressing everything I see!

 I love how these leaves became slightly transparent!

In case it isn't already obvious, I'm just using an old Harry Potter book to press instead of a presser. I also didn't put any tissue paper or anything down the first time. The second time I used a paper towel, because I was at my boy's house and he had a random field of wildflowers so I had to use a book of his and put the paper towel down to protect the book he dearly loves. It turned out to be really neat because some leaves that I also put in there took to the texture of the paper towel. But since I don't give a rats ass about my old Harry Potter book, putting newspaper/tissue paper/ect down just seems like a tedious and pointless step. (But I'm probably wrong about that!)

I press a lot more leaves than I do flowers because the weather has been acting like a mad-man and can't decide if it wants to stay warm or cold. Spring started early here, everything began to bloom and grow and get beautiful an entire month early! Now we're having cold snaps come through, and every week or so there is another frost. The pretty new flowers didn't stand a chance, and local farmers are probably hating life.

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  1. The transparent leaf photo is phenomenal!


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