April 16, 2012

Outfit 4.16.12

/ Hat: Wet Seal / Shirt: Target / Sweater: PacSun many moons ago / Skirt: Thrifted / Shoes: Ingles / Belt: Thrifted / Necklace: Vintage /

I'll start off my saying I got my shoes in the most unlikely place in the world, a grocery store! I was in Ingles (which apparently don't exist anywhere but in North Carolina) and there was a random display of shoes out in the open, for seven dollars! I already have a weakness for shoes, but I can't deny buying myself the best kind of shoes there are: the cheap kind! As long as they're beautiful, also. I would have taken an up-close photo of them but my camera was quickly going dead during this photoshoot. But the real reason why I didn't is because I secretly have a deep burning passion of hate for my toes (one day I'll blog about why). I would have gotten a close up of my beautiful rose plugs, but my camera really was going, and did go dead.

Also, spinning in a skirt is still super fun! If you stopped doing it in your adolescence, you're really missing out now.

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