April 13, 2012

Outfit 4.13.12

 / Shirt: Urban Outfitters / Skirt: Thrifted / Tights: Kmart / Shoes: Miss Me Brand / Hair Bow: Made by Me / Plugs: Omerica Organic / Necklace: Woodii /

This is my go-to skirt. I love it. It matches everything, literally almost every shirt in my closet can be paired with this skirt. This is probably the most restyled item in my entire wardrobe. It's the first thing I wear when laundry is freshly done. It's flattering, it's a beautiful color, and the buttons, oh sweet Jesus the buttons. Those cute little buttons are what make my world go round when wearing this outfit.

Fun facts about this outfit:
  • This skirt is the very first thing I ever thrifted. How could I not become addicted instantly wish such a great find the first try?
  • I'm wearing this outfit in my drivers license photo. (Even though you can only see me from the shoulders up hehe)

I even actually used the same woodsy (that's the color name) yarn in my blanket for my little hair bow. In conclusion, this outfit is one of my favorites and I'm riding it until the wheels fall off.


  1. I love the little bottle pendant! I've been making some of my own and I definitely need to post pictures soon. Also, LOVE the owl plugs!

    1. Awh thank you! The bottle pendant is from Woodii, she has lots of lovely necklaces like that. :) And the owl plugs are my favorite, hands down!


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