May 12, 2012

Outfit 5.12.12

/ Dress: Roses / Shoes: Ingles / Necklace: My Mother's Jewelry Box / Plugs: King's Body Jewelry

This is another one of my all time favorite dresses. It was twelve dollars at my favorite discount store, Roses. I really love everything about it. The one thing I would change though, is making the detailing at the top go all the way around. I hate when clothes have the pretty part only in the front! At least the bottom detailing goes all the way around. Other than that its flawless.

The pendant on my necklace is (was!) my mom's. It's temporarily my most favorite piece of jewelry. I say temporarily because the position of my favorite when it comes to jewelry seriously changes on a weekly basis, haha. Oh and one last thing, I did my hair using Elycia's hair bow tutorial. Of course mine doesn't look anything like hers, but I have a very different type of hair. Still cute, I think :)

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