June 1, 2012

Outfit 5.29.12: Sunflower

 / Dress: Roses / Tights: Kmart / Shoes: Walmart Clearance / Hat: Wet Seal / Necklace: Woodii / Plugs: King's Body Jewelry / Belt: Ruche /

This outfit is one of my absolute favorites now! A family friend of ours said I looked like a sunflower and that might just be the best darn complement I've gotten in awhile. The photos are a little poopy because it looked like this outside:
Which doesn't really tell you anything, because it isn't clear that it is pouring down rain. Which made it really dark and my camera is the biggest baby in the world in low light situations. It's color gets funky and it gets heavy with the grainy-ness and it just cannot decide what it wants to focus on! So this is the best you get. It was nice getting a light mist the entire time I was taking these photos though. Also, I really love how green everything gets while its raining! Also also, I am so smitten by the hanging basket that is behind me in the first two pictures. It has the cutest little flowers in it.

1 comment:

  1. Love your plugs! Are those wood or bone? The abalone shell inlay is just an amazing piece that really makes jewelry look unique.


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