March 31, 2012

Outfit 3.31.12

/ Dress: Aeropostale / Tights: Kmart / Belt: Thrifted / Shoes: Dollar General / 

Does anyone remember Aeropostale? Is Aeropostale even still around? I haven't seen one is years! The mall near me used to have one, and the last time I walked into one was when I bought this dress. When I was young it was my favorite store, then I went through a phase where I thought everything in there was horrible. I refused to step foot inside until the one in my mall had their closing sale. This dress was three dollars!
And yes, I did say my shoes were from Dollar General (in my hometown everyone calls it 'the Dollar Store'). They too were only three dollars, and they're so cute! I'm sure they wont last very long though, but I don't care. I just realized my tights are the most expensive part of this outfit (four dollars)!

One last thing: A hilarious jumping photo fail. I don't even know what to say about my face...

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