March 13, 2012

Outfit 3.13.12

 / Hoodie: Mungo Crafts /  Skirt: Thrifted / Tights: Kmart / Boots: Roses /

My hoodie from Mungo Crafts arrived in the mail the other day!! I was SO EXCITED when I got it!! I actually haven't taken it off since I opened it. It's even more perfect that I imagined it being, its so soft and warm and comfy! It's perfect for those days that the wind has a good chill to it (which is everyday lately). I'm so in love with it. The other details of my outfit are completely unimportant/irrelevant.

Also, isn't my boyfriend super adorable?

He was looking a bit like Grizzly Adams so we went to the mall and he got his ears lowered, then he let me get my hands on that beard of his and trim it up a little bit.

(What a huge difference!!)

One last thing: IT'S ALMOST SPRING!! There are trees and bushes and flowers starting to bloom everywhere now. I'm so excited I nearly pee my pants on a regular basis.

I can't wait to go on hikes and go swimming and plant a garden and wear cute dresses and ride with the windows down. I live for the spring/summer. I. Can't. Wait.

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