March 7, 2012

Deer Spotting

In my own front yard a few mornings ago! Aren't they precious?!
 (Papa deer keeping a close eye on me)

(hehe I love watching them watch me!)

I woke up really early to use the bathroom and when I passed my bedroom window I froze when I saw these cuties. Their tails are especially adorable! The pictures are such low quality because 1) I grabbed the camera nearest to me and it doesn't have the best zoom to begin with, 2) My yard is two levels, and really long. So I had to zoom in as much as I possibly could to get close-ups and 3) It was early, I was tired, thus not worried about quality photos. I love all the little critters that wonder around my landlord's property!! This area is especially populated with cute little turkeys :)


  1. Aww I used to have deers by my house when I lived in Northern California. Seeing these pictures make me miss them.

  2. Ahhhh this is why I really need to live somewhere in the woods or mountian heehee. These picture are super awesome!


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