March 6, 2012

Outfit 3.6.12

/ Dress: Thrifted / Bag: Target / Hat: Wet Seal / Shoes: Kmart /

I wouldn't own this dress if I wasn't nosey. I got it from a particular Goodwill on the opposite side of the city that I had never been to before. The dressing rooms in said Goodwill were trashed.  Not with literal trash, but they were overflowing with clothes in them. Do people just toss their clothes to the side after they try them on? Are the employees completely unaware that people apparently do this? The bench in my dressing room was piled with clothes as high as it could possibly be. Which is where I found this dress :) (Is that gross? Maybe.) After I tried on all my junk, I got curious about what possible hidden gems were in the pile of clothes, so I went digging. I'm glad I did now, this ended up being one of my favorite finds that day!

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